Welcome – Dobrodošli

The Bethlehem/Murska Sobota Sister Cities Association (B/MSSCA) is a partnership resulting from many years of continued friendly relationships between the Slovenian-Americans of  Bethlehem, PA, United States, and Murska Sobota, Slovenia, in Europe.  Most local ancestors traveled from the Murska Sobota Prekmurje (Prake-MOOR-ya) region have relatives and friends still living in Slovenia.

In June 2016, B/MSSCA is celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  Slovenia is also celebrating their 25th Independence year during this time.

Our organization welcomes anyone interested in supporting the Slovenian  “Windish” Culture promoting tourism and similar interests between Bethlehem and Slovenia.

Join our organization and support our events throughout the year!

Hvala – Thank you!
President, Bethlehem / Murska Sobota Sister Cities Association

UPDATED on  October 1, 2015

Board Members include: